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  • Wood Flower Diffuser - Assorted Variety


    Handcrafted, small wood flower decor to be used for personal passive diffusing of your essential oils or blends. Place several drops of oil onto the petals of the flowers. Place on a desk, bedside table, or end table to enjoy the benefits of your aroma. Each is a unique and pretty addition to your smaller spaces. They also make wonderful gifts. Each arrangement is on a real pine wood slice, that is 3-4 inches in diameter. 

    These are made individually and vary in style and color.  All the colors are in a muted tone, as shown in the picture.

    Sola wood comes from a tapioca plant root. It is a tropical species of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family. Poinsettias and castor oil plants also belong to this family. The tapioca plant is known by many names: cassava, manioc, arrowroot, and sometimes yuca (don't get that confused with the yucca succulent plant). Cassava (Tapioca) plants grow in tropical climates. These plants are extremely drought-resistant.

    This plant is not meant to be ingested unless it is processed. Once processed, the tapioca plant is used for several different types of foods in several different countries and cultures.