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Platinum Colored Oval Locket Bracelet

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The platinum-colored, oval locket, hangs on a bangle style bracelet. It comes with five felt discs. Place a few drops of essential oils or blends, on the disc, and put it in the locket. Throughout the day, you will be able to experience the aromatherapy benefits! Discs are reusable, just gently wash by hand, as needed. You can add more charms if you wish! This is a nice way to experience essential oils!

Included is a blend in a 5 ml bottle with orifice reducer, allowing one drop at a time to be dispensed. Choose which blend you would like to receive with your necklace.

Joyful: grapefruit, wild orange, lemon, bergamot 

Focus: orange, peppermint, Rosemary

Energized: frankincense, cinnamon, orange

Chill Out: lavender, clary sage, Ylang Ylang, marjoram

Motivation: black pepper, lime, orange, frankincense, cinnamon

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