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  • Inhalation Patch for Essential Oils - 3 Patches


    Use the Inhalation Patch to add your favorite essential oils/blends to the reservoir for your personal wellness or enjoyment needs.

    The patch allows you to breathe in pure 100% natural essential oil through the nose and activate receptor sites in your brain. The oils react with the limbic system which controls your physiological state. 

    Through the release of neurochemicals, essential oils can cause positive changes throughout the body. They provide significant psychological and physiological benefits, without the use of artificial chemicals.

    The Inhalation Patch does not allow the oil to reach the skin and is inhalation only. The adhesive is a medical-grade, hypoallergenic hydrogel adhesive that does not cause skin irritation and removes gently with no residue left behind.

    The price includes 3 patches.

    Essential oils are sold separately.