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Facial Cleanser

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This face wash will cleanse and add moisture. It goes down deep to remove oil and impurities, balances and hydrates. It leaves your skin soft and supple. You will love the way it feels!

This daily cleansing face wash contains Aloe Vera Gel, Castille Soap, Jojoba Wax, and White Clay.

Aloe gel helps with skin growth and repair, keeps moisture in, and helps fight inflammation.

 Pure Castille Soap is vegetable oil-based. It's gentle and efficient and removes makeup, dirt, sweat, and excess oils from your skin.

Jojoba is an incredible skincare product, as its chemical structure resembles human sebum-the natural oil that coats our skin and keeps it supple. It contains proteins and minerals, and a waxy  substance that mimics collagen (the stuff that basically holds our bodies together.)

White Clay is mildly abrasive to help exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation but is not drying.

8 oz. bottle

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